Tritium watches

In 2009, Vostok Europe decided to take the next step, which turned out to be a turning point in the history of the brand. The Lithuanian manufacturer has signed a contract with the mb-microtec company for the production of tritium tubes for new models of watches.

Tritium illumination, which is described by the symbol on the H3 / T25 dials, refers directly to the hydrogen isotope marked H3. This isotope is enclosed in small tubes with a substance called a phosphor. Thanks to this combination, we get a lighting effect that does not require any energy source in the form of, for example, batteries or artificial or solar light. Thanks to the use of this technology, we obtain a backlight that remains at the same level for several years, because the half-life of the tritium isotope is slightly over 12 years. This means that after 12 years the luminous power drops by 50% and after 24-25 years there is still 25% of the original amount. This technology is incomparably more efficient than the technology with standard fluorescent or superluminova backlight, which is more effective only for the first few to several minutes after exposure.

It should be emphasized that the technology used by mb-microtec is 100% safe for humans. Tritium tubes emit radiation, of course, but its amount is several thousand times lower than the daily dose that humans absorb through the radiation that takes place on earth.

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